Super sexy wet t-shirt video

Well this video was called super sexy…. you can see that the girls are really nice and have two big reasons to call this super sexy, if you add a black rapper singing well this must be super sexy.  Palm trees, beach and lovely girls is much than enough for call this a good wet t-shirt video. And for the info I just got it’s from year 2011. So is so recently it can.

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Be carefull with this Juice Box

Tony squeezed the juice box and watched the amber liquid shoot out of many the top of straw that had been speared hastily from the foil covered hole on the box. The apple juice formed a beautiful arc since it fell quickly onto his daughter’s sandy blond hair.

“Dad! Geez! Now my hair’s gonna be sticky throughout the day,” his 8-year old chided him. She was furiously running her hands along the top within their head, which only brought about a dark smear of juice slashing throughout the loosely braided mop of hair. It was rare that his wife could to get his daughter to sit still for long to comb the child’s hair, not as much braid it. The braid was in fact done yesterday to get a family outing and had looked sufficient enough to him today which he hadn’t desired to mess working for them further.

“Sorry, Charlie,” he said as ran to his car and rummaged throughout the center console, searching frantically for moist towelettes his wife kept for quick cleanups after their weekly cookies excursions. His brain briefly began a flashing slide show of their hottest trip. Annie that has a butterscotch sundae spilled done her chest. Wet towelettes sopping up both and visually turning the occasion with a wet t-shirt contest. Racing to your bedroom in the event they got home. Butterscotch nipples. Vanilla navel. Whipped cream pussy. He breathed deeply as his fingers grazed the tube packed with the wet tissues. Success. He backed straight from the vehicle and shut the opportunity. When he turned to head back toward his daughter, he quickly adjusted his erection. Damn. That’s all he needed. Someone to see him striding toward an elementary school with a raging hard-on. Annie had left for work early today following a fight in the previous night. He were left to have his daughter up and off to school. He was glad he had the day along side work and hadn’t had to get himself ready as well. As they approached his daughter with all the tube, she snatched it from his hands.

“If you hadn’t dawdled this morning, you’d find time to drink your juice in your home. Visit picture it, you didn’t even drink any. You’d barely handed me the box when it spurted out. You not feeling ok today, Charlie?” he asked, concerned. Charlene rarely was reluctant to end up to school, yet this morning were dragging her feet. Maybe she was ill.

“I’m fine. I just do not like it when you bring me to highschool. You drive me in the pajamas, Dad. It’s embarrassing. Is it possible to leave now?” she implored him, glancing furtively around, seeking to ensure not everybody saw him standing together with her. This was not likely as she was late for sophistication and all the students were already inside the building. She shoved the wadded up ball of wet, sticky tissues into his hand and earnestly pleaded, “please, Dad? I’m destined to be late anyway. I gotta go.” And with that understood she bounded off toward the Prairie style brick schoolhouse, leaving him with one hand holding the tube and wet ball of tissues, and the other in the offending juice box. He wasn’t in his pajamas, he mused, as they swivelled his head around to seek for a garbage bin. Sweats along with a t-shirt. His pajamas were his birthday suit. So were his wife’s. His erection surged. Damn. Help on his shoulder startled him. He swung to his right and also the juice box continued it’s path of destruction. In his surprise, his hand had gripped it much more powerfully, and this shot a protracted, straight stream onto the blouse of his surpriser.

“I actually have a …” she started, then gasped since the cold liquid hit her body. The juice quickly formed an oblong shape at the thin material and commenced to spread. She was just a bit shorter than his 6 feet 3 inches as well as the juice had sprayed a line from just above her right elbow to her left, directly across her breasts. Visions of butterscotch flashed in his mind again because he cursed his sweat pants. They had been doing little to cover his condition.

“I’m so sorry,”he apologized.

“It’s okay. I must have startled you. I thought you heard me coming,” the brunette said as she looked down at herself and shook her head. She looked back up at him and began to laugh. She reached toward him, gesturing to your tube of wet tissues. He handed those her, chuckling also. She opened the tube and yanked several tissues out. Long, ginger colored nails pressed into her white blouse as she vigorously attempted to wipe away the stain. It is a losing battle. Tony was transfixed as he watched her. The thin material became transparent. He could see her lacy white bra. Scalloped edges molded round the curves, little embroidered white flowers pressing directly into blouse. She continued her cleaning and her nipples began to distend like cherry stems. Cherries. Whipped cream. Butterscotch. Damn. He shifted his stance and raised his eyes, finding her staring intently back at him.

“I was just planning to show you that I’ve got a garbage bin in my van,” she confirmed as she pulled the blouse away from her body. It is a time consuming process, the material clinging to her skin, not waiting to terminated. He understood how it felt. He desired to touch the skin immediately. A breeze came up and this billowed out her shirt briefly, but it quickly flapped back against her. A dry section of the shirt caught a wet portion of her body and her shirt had become stuck against her within a jumble. He could now see her midriff. Little goose bumps were forming round the taught, tanned skin of her belly. He hadn’t noticed how cool it is outside, taken up controlling the hotwave in his groin. “Follow me so that you could throw that stuff away,” she offered. She struck out on a brisk pace into a van parked with the far end of that car lot. He dutifully followed, albeit on a slower pace. His cock wouldn’t allow anything faster.

She reached the shiny black van and slid her hand in her jeans pocket. He hadn’t noticed the jeans yet. Soft, loose, yet fitting her hips and ass perfectly. She had delicate looking heels on her feet. Toenails were exactly the same ginger color as her fingernails. She pulled her keys from her pocket and pressed a button on the remote. As the locks clicked over, she slid the side door completely open. She bent over, retrieved the bin, turned and held it outside toward him. Tony threw away the tissues. He stepped more towards her and set the tube at the back seat of their van. For some reason he noticed that previously fabric, not leather. Grey fabric with darker grey stripes. He turned the juice box the wrong way up, emptying it before tossing the carton directly into bin with the tissues.

“Thanks,” he smiled while he took the bin from her and set it which wanted to her van. Doing so caused him to brush against her chest. His forearm grazed her left nipple. He felt like his balls were going to burst. Her mouth hung open slightly. She appeared to be hesitant to smile back at him. She continued to stare at him as he shifted again. That brought out the smile. She started to blot at her blouse over again. The wind blew her hair into her face. As she brushed it away, she dropped her tissue. Tony bent down and retrieved it for her. He stood, stepped closer, and boldly took a chance.

“Let me,” he said softly because he reached forward and brought the tissue to her breast. He could smell the apple juice on her, as strong as if she had just bitten with a freshly plucked apple. He lightly dabbed at her blouse, slowly bringing the tissue to your underside in their breast. He opened his hand fully and pressed his palm against her. Cupping her breast, the wet tissue a further barrier he had become determined to eliminate. He watched her face as they thumbed her nipple. He could feel her shuddering, unsure whether or not this was the cold, him, or both. He brought his opposite up and commenced exactly the same slow rotations on her other breast. Her lips pulled back slightly and her eyes closed. Finally, a soft moan. He leaned his make the trip to kiss her as well as the scent of apple wafted past his nose again. Sweet.

He pressed her against him, burying his head against her neck, quick flicks of his tongue on her neck, gentle kisses, and then a quick soft bite of their earlobe. Previously like lightening shot through her. She gasped and arched her back, forcing her breasts tighter against his hands. He squeezed. She was now firmly pressed against him and he lowered her so she was sitting halfway in the van. He pushed her blouse up, smiling at the front end clasp closure around the bra. He flicked it open and quickly pressed her breasts together, forming a delicious cleavage shot that his eyes soaked up. She leaned back on her elbows and replaced his hands with hers, holding the pose. He unzipped her jeans, yanking them fully near her. She protested.

“Someone’s visiting see,” she cried as she began to sit up. Tony quickly moved between her legs, forcing her back into her position. He scraped his face across her stomach, leaving a red swath of irritation. He hadn’t shaved yet that morning. His hot mouth found a nipple and he sucked, licked, and bit while his left hand worked it’s way into her panties and began to stroke her clit. “Oh, God,” she cried as she let her head hang back and spread her legs further to give him better access. His fingers were rough, contrasting the slick wetness which was a developing in her own cunt. He pressed a trail of kisses from her breast to her ear. The moment his tongue hit the lobe, she arched her back and moaned loudly. He felt her hips buck toward him. Christ, he thought. I will fuck this hot woman inside the school parking lot. He maneuvered his cock from it’s residence in his sweats. Pulling her panties into the side, he slid his meat along her hot, juicy slit.

“Fuck me,” she whispered, her lips swollen from biting his class to keep from moaning any more loudly. Her eyes sparkled with lust. He hadn’t fucked anyone but his wife in years. He couldn’t believe he was achieving this. It was surreal. Chocolate brown hair, sun-kissed skin, and hot, wet pussy. All because of some spilled apple juice. He gave in to the temptation and slid his cock inside her.

“Oh, fuck. Oh, God, you experience good,” he gushed as he watched her squeeze her tits. He pulled nearly away from her, watching his cock sink back into her tight sheath. He almost came undone at the sight. Pink lips, glistening back with her juices. She clenched her cunt and he froze. They stayed still to have a moment, their eyes locked. And then he could use forget about. He thrust his cock powerfully into her, going deeper while. With each stroke she cried out. Her body was shaking with all the force of his movements. His balls began to slap against her ass, his body banging into hers inside of a delicious rhythm. He watched her eyelids fluttering, her hands roaming her body as she fell back and assist him pound into her. One hand caressed her stomach and slid up to clutch a few her hair. Another held her panties towards the side and played with her clit. She was so fucking hot.

“I’m gonna come,” she panted, “I’m gonna come. Oh, fuck! Harder, fuck me harder,” she gasped. Then she came, glorious spasms within their cunt clutching his cock. He rocked along with her through the waves of their orgasm. Her body contorted itself differently with each wave, sweetly tormenting him, pushing him into the edge. He knew he couldn’t hold back. He would definitely fill her along with his cream. His mind was overcome with flashes of whipped cream. The smell of apples hit him again. He came forcefully, bracing himself as his body jerked in conclusion quick jolts. Immediately after moments, he pulled faraway from her, a string within their mingled juices spanned the gap from his body to hers. A ginger colored fingernail broke the string, pulling those her body, along her slit and circled her clit. She brought her hand to her mouth, sucked her finger in, then smiled at him as she removed it.

“I’m Eve,” she purred, her body relaxed when frenzied coupling.


“Could i have my jeans back,” she asked. He picked them off pavement and handed them to her. Because he leaned in to kiss her, he bumped a cooler that had been jostled so that it was now precariously balanced besides Eve. It fell on it’s side along with the lid popped open. A jumble of bottles, jars, and ice fell out. One of the jars rolled from the edge, crashing towards the ground. The jar shattered. Butterscotch topping. Tony smiled.

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