Wet t-shirt contests pictures

Why we love this girls, they seem to be some crazy, but who are the man who don’t like the wet t-shirt contests pictures that are showed here… as jesus said who is without sin throw the first stone, sorry… I don’t have stones here, I have boooooooooooombs!!! jejejeje

Take care man, it’s about to explooooooode.

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Wet t-shirt story: Like Penelope Cruz

I moved to Chicago. Here I normally visit my friend’s house. He is now in Dallas. His Sister in law Maria is a very hot lady. She looks more or less like actress Penelope Cruz. I know their family from child hood days. This incident happened around 3 weeks back.
I have a crush on Maria since my adolescent age. The most I remember, is when a summer playing with water balloons, a water balloons explode over their young tits and as not wearing a bra, that image stuck in my mind: those well shaped tits transparency under his white wet t-shirt. Three weeks back when i went to Maria’s house no one was at home, her daughters had gone to their grandparents house and her husband had been to work. It was around 11 am when i went to her house. She was all alone. She said it was boring and asked me to stay back if i had no other work. So i sat with her watching TV. Slowly our topic went about movies and the way heroines wear very little and revealing dress. While casual talk i said even you look great in saree and you are still very hot and look like Penelope. She felt shy and just passed a smile, we were sitting on the floor and were sitting close to each other, my shoulder was rubbing against hers..she dint mind it. Slowly after some time i put my hands on her thighs as if it was very casual, she dint mind it and did not even bother to take off my hand, I gained confidence and started moving my hands over her thighs, she gave a sexy smile at me and said i am getting her into her “mood”. I said I would be happy to get her in mood and lay her down, she just smiled and leaned on me. I hugged her and kissed her lips, it was a hot wild kiss for a long time, I slowly kissed her behind her ears and hugged her breast and started squeezing them while licking behind her ears and biting them, she gave a hard squeeze to my rod and started playing with it, I unhooked her blouse and started pinching her nipples, she gave a moan with pain as i pinched her nipples. She turned around and gave me breast feeding. While my hands moved over her thighs and pulled her saree up to her thighs and started massaging her thighs, while sucking and biting her breast i fingered her pussy, she was not wearing a pantie, so it was very pleasant, and her pussy was wildly thick with hairs, I said why do have a bush and why cant u keep it clean shaved? when there is no care taker the bush grows wild. I said now that i am there to take care, keep it clean for me to visit regularly, she shyly said, I want u to visit daily, she was not having sex for the past 2 years and was starving very much, she
took my manhood and gave me an ultimate blow job. I was too wild, I took her and got over her and started kissing her wild and lick all over her body, she said ,do everything later, first enter in me, i entered into her deep bushy area and started playing deep into her, she gave loud moans and hugged me so wild that I was
feeling breathless.. . it was a good 15 minute show after which both of us ejaculated at the same time,  after the show we laid down in the floor kissing and hugging each other, she did not allow me to get up for at least half an hour. She was lying on my chest and was kissing me wildly, she said she was dreaming about this for the past 2 years and this is the day we got a chance for it, after our first round, she prepared a tea for us and after having the tea we went to her bed room and started our second round, this time both of us were completely nude and she took the ride on me, she literally raped me and squeezed out all the juice from me. Nowadays when ever i go to her house she sees to that at least one kiss and a squeeze is taken by both of us before i leave, she has promised another full day session very soon. She spoke to me 10 minutes back and said the next time when she invites me home, she wants to have a bath with me, we talk sexy over the phone and tease each other, she said she also masturbates when she talks to me over the phone, Oh my goddess!!

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