Wet t-shirt story: Another kind of Wet t-shirt contest

I had a new idea for your arousal: I would have my very own Wet T-Shirt Contest, in which I would be all three contestants. I dug through my older clothes, looking for three thin, tight, plain white T-shirts. I only found one white shirt, but I found two others that would do. One had the name of a university on the front, and the other the name of an accounting software firm, but I’d just wear them backwards. Then I got out underwear.

It goes without saying that, being your girlfriend, I have a significant number of white cotton panties. For this, I wanted three pairs of plain white to show up best while being readily distinguished from the other “contestants”. I thought I was going to have to tie different colors of ribbon on my left thigh instead and just wear identical panties when I found them. There were three pairs of white underwear in the back of the drawer: one with little green bows at the top, one with larger red bows, and one with a cluster of blue flowers. They’d be perfect.

The next thing to prepare was the camera. With you living in another state and us mostly getting together online, it made sense for me to have a webcam and tripod so I could record our games for you, allowing me to send them electronically. I set it up in the kitchen where it could capture the far white wall and a few squares of linoleum tile. I put my laptop where I’d be able to see it while lying on the floor against the wall.

The final item to make ready was myself. I started pouring water into me. I wanted to get this done tonight, so I’d need to have to pee, and badly, three different times. Every time I thought about it, I would gulp many swallows of water, and, as excited as I was about this idea, I thought about it often. I did this until I felt like my insides were swimming and it didn’t feel good to drink more. Then I felt a certain stimulating pressure, and I put on the university shirt, backwards, over the panties with the green bows. All dressed, I walked quickly to the kitchen. I had to pee!

As Contestant One, I sat as close as I could to the wall, lay back, and squirmed from cheek to cheek to get my bottom flush against it. I was ready, and I hit record on the laptop. On my first try I braced my feet against the wall and pushed, but I pushed myself back towards the camera. My second try got me upended properly, upside-down and with my weight on my neck and shoulders, so I took a moment and thought about relaxing and letting go.

On the laptop I could see the first dark, wet spot in the center of the panties, shining and elongating into a bulging line. That got fatter for moments, and then the wet triangle above, in my crotch, split into an inverted V around it. This became a fat M, which quickly expanded over the whole surface of the panties and sent lines of wet down to the sides of the shirt. The lines in the shirt thickened and multiplied, but they never left the sides, never put my tits on liquid display, although the sopping panties showed my wet pubic hair clearly.

I hit stop and rose. I needed a towel to clean my pretty mess. I walked, dripping, toward the hall closet. In a moment, I had more than drips on my legs, I had thin rivulets. It seemed there was urine left in me, that I hadn’t quite sent it all streaming down my torso. I involuntarily leaked my way to the closet and back to the kitchen, my feet leaving wet spots on the carpet. On reaching the kitchen, I released the rest of it. What’s a little more to mop up?

In bed, I saved the video I’d just captured and then ran it on a loop while I masturbated. I thought of you and how you’d react to my Contest. I thought of a way to get more wetness to my breasts, and thought of how you’d like that. I smiled and rubbed my pussy, slick with urine and slippery with my own slimy lubricant. And I came, half sitting, making loud, surprised-sounding Oh’s of delight, still thinking of Contestants Two and Three to come and how lucky they were to benefit from Contestant One’s learning curve. There would be soaking T-shirts to match sopping panties yet, with excited nipples so visible through the clear, clinging cotton.

I drank and waited, impatient. Soon, I could feel a compelling hum near my G-spot telling me I’d have to pee soon. That meant it was time to get my Wet T-Shirt Contest back on track. Since Contestant One had just turned upside-down and wet herself down toward her T-shirt, it was time to be Contestant Two and try something different. I dressed myself in the panties with the red bows and the plain white T-shirt and hurried to the kitchen to set up the laptop and the camera, which I aimed high enough to capture a standing contestant. I wasn’t going to be upside-down this time.

I spread my legs wide and hit the record button on the laptop. In a moment, I was peeing. I put a cupped hand into the stream to fill it and dumped the pool of moisture onto my right breast. I cupped it again, more tightly, and dumped more hot fluid onto the other. It felt so warm, so nice. I kept it up, trying not to pee too much when there wasn’t a hand to catch it in, and happily soaked the T-shirt and my tits. I was having such fun that I wasn’t even looking at what the camera was seeing, shown on the laptop. I just went until I was empty, then walked forward to show each soggy-shirted tit to the camera’s lens and reached back to hit stop on the laptop.

As I went to get another towel, I noticed that I wasn’t leaking this time. Having been in the easiest position for me to pee from, I had completely emptied myself, so there wasn’t anything left to leak. I thought about this when I got the first slight shock of having a foot land on wet and cold carpet. It happened several times as I followed the trail of wetness I’d left last time. (I knew you’d like it that I’d wet the carpet.) I returned, following my damp path to the kitchen and mopped up the floor with the towel, removed my wet clothes and wrapped them in it . Then I folded the tripod and laptop and brought everything back to my room to see how I’d looked, playing in my pee, wetting my panties and T-shirt.

This video looked good. Contestant Two’s urine stream came out clearly, and watching her get her shirt wet, handful by handful, was absolutely enticing. By the end, her panties showed her sodden pussy, and her shirt was beautiful. Everything was exposed from the upper slopes of her breasts to an inch or two beneath the nipples. The saturated cotton stuck to her skin, showing flesh color freckled with tiny white bubbles where it didn’t stick perfectly. Her nipples looked rosy and happy, and every bump that formed their peaks was visible. The rest of the shirt showed evidence of her splashing. I watched the video and drank water until it was time to be Contestant Three.

For this contestant, I thought I could go upside-down and solve Contestant One’s difficulty with getting her pee into the T-shirt by tucking the shirt slightly into the waistband of the panties. I put on the T-shirt with the accounting software logo and the panties with the blue flowers. I gathered the laptop and camera and returned to the kitchen. I set things up for the last time and lay down against the wall next to my laptop.

Once I hit record and pushed myself back into the upside-down position, I started to pee. I could feel it running down the front of my pussy at first, but then, too soon, I felt it running mostly down my bottom and back. I pushed with my feet and thrust my pussy forward to steepen the slope, but it didn’t work and I still wasn’t feeling warmth running toward my abdomen. I stopped peeing and restarted in hopes that that would help and I tried squeezing the inside of my pussy to redirect the flow, but nothing worked. I ran out of pee trying to wet my front.

I hit stop and went for a towel, feeling a little down. I cleaned everything and packed up to return to my room, still more depressed. I’d had such high hopes for having gravity help me wet my tits. I’d thought I could defeat Contestant Two and pull out a win. Then I got back to my room and put my laptop and my camera back the way I usually keep them. It was time to watch the three videos and declare an official winner.

First I watched Contestant One with the pretty patterns of pee in her increasingly wet panties and her glistening midriff with little trickles of liquid beading up. Next I watched Contestant Two, who was simply stunning. Her shiny nipples, delicately ringed in air, and the shapes of her breasts pushing through the wet fabric fascinated me. Last was the video of Contestant Three, who looked good inverted with her wet panties being repeatedly thrust at the camera. But of course the decision had to be for Contestant Two’s ingenuity in conveying wetness to her tits.

I sent off the videos to you and lay back for a minute, idly playing with myself. The phone rang then, and when I answered I heard your voice. You had a most interesting project you wanted me to undertake for you. Of course I was willing, as I told you when you described what you wanted. I would get started on it right away.

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More than a hitchiker

We are driving a car down the road, never to around particular. It can be finding delayed and quite damp available. Wonderful conditions for just a calm laid-back generate. After a while We place me with your ” leg ” and appreciate inside feel of your respective pleasant, squishy calf under the textile within your gentle blouse, the particular colorful the one that sets to your ankles. You simply in close proximity up your eyes as well as set returning. I begin to caress an individual countless deeper straight down involving the lower limbs. Once you are at ease you actually type of start and spread the hip and legs enough that i can advance use of your current warmer parts.

Because my mind is kind of entertained by this My spouse and i pretty much fail to start to see the hitchhiker along the side of the path. It can be stormy as well as black available. The two of us take a look at the other person as well as state yeah we ought to decide on this particular very poor guy upwards. And then we copy just a little and he gets within the back again couch, wanting to dried out their locks away from a lttle bit. Most of us question where by he is heading along with what exactly the brand is and the man says that will his / her identify is actually Jeff anf the husband will be going southerly. Many of us say that individuals tend to be going inside the very same direction and also make sure he understands that he can experience around till we are to where by we’re planning. He could be any half way decent outfitted gentleman along with wonderful tresses in addition to corduroy jeans therefore i such as them already. Several of people be able to speaking and having fun and look for that people almost all have a little in keeping. After a pair hrs we’re also sort of spoke available and you fit a bit of music on. Ben tells you which he loves this particular melody and also the both of you talk about various shows you visited with the same Disk jockey. The 3 of people form of area out hearing the background music along with seeing your black homes using their lighting fixtures with fly through your home windows.

I see a residence on my small side where a small pair is in the lounge redesigning and that i get yourself a sort of melancholy experience, hoping that we could possibly be settled in a fixer-upper of the. My partner and i place me on the leg inside passion, along with your thighs move slowly aside. I really don’t even think over it and i also place me straight down much deeper between your lower limbs because this is where me wants to end up being rather than achieving virtually any resistance it goes with the wipe out. Similar to almost any scenario in case my personal hands usually are wherever close to your current twat they really want really horribly to experience with you. I actually will apply lightly at first temperatures rising anyone right up after which drive tougher via your dress moving your current clit forwards and backwards. You actually complain a little and also squirm inside my hands trying to never create major motions.

He within the back fit requires your stressed movements to signify you happen to be uncomfortable sitting that long and informs us that he is an accredited concept psychologist. He or she demonstrates that he or she give you a shoulder massage and looks with me inside reflection. We grin looking over at you therefore you go back the look, therefore i state certain, yet be careful she’s ticklish. This individual sways ahead ample for taking your shoulders as part of his arms along with actually starts to rub all of them with applied accurate. At the same time I haven’t stopped rubbing down your own clit through your top and also panties. Movie heaven able to complain absent without getting silent. With the knowledge that He are not able to see above the seats, I recieve bold and also go me increase your top and after that here your own blouse and underwear. I push my hand along, do away with that through your delicate male organ hair, above the clit as well as tumble our a couple of hands for your slit. An individual complain actually deafening as well as Ben thinks they have located the best place along with continues to rub that part of your shoulder. Through the excitement as well as the scrubbing, an individual come on my own palms as well as shudder underneath his / her hands. I yank my hand again and also you be sure he understands in which which was the perfect place and that you really feel superior. An individual wink from myself as well as giggle, reducing into your couch experience satisfied.

In concerning midnight My partner and i think that we must get some rest, therefore i yank above right into a smaller prove in addition to park your car the automobile. Ben thanks people for the journey along with affirms he will endeavor walking for a short time. All of us tell him that he’s ridiculous and that you will see enough to settle in the rear after we retract along the car seats.

After you have every one of the bedding out from the again in addition to lying down the actual car seats ripped, many of us released the sleeping-bags in addition to understand that we intend to need to zip them together along with snooze a few folks in 2 hand bags. We glance at each other in addition to laugh coming over to precisely the same summary concurrently as well as inform He that’ll be very good. Jeff has taken off his still wet t-shirt when we’re discovering the teeth and getting able to receive undressed along with into your bed. Whenever you go without your bra without taking down your current tee shirt, Tom’s eyes obtain wide and he will try to not focus. Just make sure get the top away from and you’re standing generally there within your little clothing as well as black color under wear he could be entirely found sleeping along with looks awestruck. He simply just gawks at you whilst you go up within the rear and get to the slumbering handbag.

My partner and i strip in order to the martial artists and find with next to an individual, nevertheless it’d likely to end up far better in the event you sleep in the middle and now we most chuckle along with relax. After concerning 10-20 minutes you tell us your tee shirt experienced obtained damp if we were out discovering your pearly white’s so you were going to must take it off if perhaps you were acquiring any sleep. Ben is noticeably humiliated but this individual agrees and you find set it up to dried out on the purely available handle, meaning you have to accomplish above Toms go to set it up. Their encounter is one thing of any image whenever this individual see’s your lovely busts merely in . coming from his experience. I just now style of snicker to help myself personally along with ask yourself simply how much of the he is able to consider. You have completed way back in and after we think we have been carried out, an individual claim some thing drenched can be touching me personally! So you accomplish along along with snap it up inside your side as well as be aware that Tom’s boxers are nevertheless wet via before and that he features out of the blue got some sort of rock hard and relatively enormous impotence. You won’t take you absent in the beginning and you also make sure he understands that he’s going to need to lift off his boxer shorts when we’re to stay dried tonite. Ben seemingly shocked by simply what’s happening, although to another matter of moments decides that you’re correct and he tape these people off and also units those to dried out about the back again on the voyager seat.

Any time Tom takes up residence back he’s nowhere fast to get the big boner, and it also engages proper up against the part. Being in the bed while using two of you has become everyone really horny so I set me in your breast and begin in order to contract the item. Within the asleep bag collectively similar to we are, He are unable to assist nevertheless notice what we should accomplish, although he could be nonetheless to be able to self conscious. Anyone achieve in excess of and pick up his give as well as take this into the twat make this on top of your under garments, which are by now needs to receive damp. He or she doesn’t have any more encouragement in comparison with that and begins to rub your current clit and shift the palm along the delicate puffy region. Realizing which Ben has ultimately received a clue I actually fit ones busts around my oral cavity and commence in order to draw in your breast as well as mouthful the item a little. An individual grumble as well as wiggle for the discomfort. The two of us begin to get courageous along with check out one’s body with our palms, eating every single ” and also crevice, looking for one more comfortable component of your entire body we had not acknowledged regarding ahead of. Necessarily mean because you are already slowly dropping your current under wear straight down the thighs in addition to off to the foot of the actual asleep handbag. Jeff also has began to hand you actually with solemn, pushing a couple fingertips next 3 up to their bottom part knuckles. I make out you actually passionately and also riff your current fretboard returning to college into ones breasts along with your tempting areola. An individual turn your mind around along with hug Tom dropping ones language in to his / her oral cavity in which it’s met by means of his or her so you swirl this all around. He or she bears you much deeper supportive this minty preference of the language within his jaws.

Immediately after min’s regarding transitioning back and forth the kiss us both a person move the thighs upwards and also force your face into this getting to sleep case style of face up, although experiencing everyone, along with one particular leg up on the front seat. We both start out ravishing the vagina as well as your ass fracture therefore; slurping way up just associated with vagina liquid in addition to sweat we can easily find the tongues along with mouth in. A person touch base at night of the slumbering bag as well as approximately seize my own dick shoving that on to your teeth. The pre-cum has made this advanced and glide promptly into your throat. Anyone pull in addition to lick that and also go your brain forward and backward having that into your mouth all the time. After you really feel us stressed upwards mainly because My business is on the verge of jizz, an individual cease as well as switch one’s body so that you will are struggling with Tom and i also learn to riff your own rear end. Jeff squanders virtually no time and also falls their language heavy in your immersing pussy. He sucks on your own clitoris just like he’s got nausea therefore you squirm upon his or her encounter.

You don’t have any difficulties locating Tom’s large prick, which is staying beyond see your face in addition to resting in your ear. I am the rear of your mind during my clapboard while you lean back again a lot plenty of to have the suggestion into your mouth. He is huge so you seize their cock having both your hands and coat the actual pre-cum over suggestion since you stroke the item. Feeling the hair on my penis in addition to tennis balls Could not help but push forwards inside exhilaration. You’re taken by surprise along with Tom’s penis can be pushed deep-down for your throat. A person easily obtain management of oneself in addition to withdraw away from it as a I actually pull out. Although as your head of hair is situated on my golf balls yet again We drive frontward and his tool is laid to rest as part of your jaws all over again. You ultimately understand what’s happening and just go with this, slurping them off, resigned to deep neck his / her penis in terms of you may as i thrust onward, nice hair tickling my tennis balls. Pulling your brain upwards and time for prevent the crotch, anyone slip Toms penis from the lips to riff combined his or her shaft and also down to his / her tennis balls. You adopt his or her projectiles into your mouth along with lick him or her throughout. He or she moans having a mouth complete seeing that his or her language darts interior and exterior your current pussy.

I’m able to seldom include myself licking ones bum and also blending your bosoms through powering. We take you up through the position that your throughout and little by little, awkwardly convert an individual close to inside asleep case. Struggling with from me We get into from guiding, pressing our cock right within. You might be thus wet I recently drive inside and outside, to and fro supportive this humidity in my thighs and leg and all-around ones twat as well as rear end. Meanwhile you and Mary commence the kiss profoundly once more, licking one anothers neck as well as ear feverishly while I bang ones gooey slit.

I can feel Toms cock tricky amongst your own hip and legs and hubby can’t guide however drive from all of your movement along with appreciation. So I retrieve people and experience relived because I was on the verge of arrive. An individual get to lower along with information their big prick for a slit. He / she pushes gently at first, until finally his brain is within, the real key pushes harder putting the item further within, your current pussy stretches hard round his prick. They shoves much deeper and you feel as if your likely to blow up. Much penis within you your thoughts is definitely floating around. We trim onto the ear in addition to sound can you like the prick within you, would you like more? Of course! anyone say and you moan noisy ample for folks to listen to. An individual directly into everyone and that i glide my personal penis to your butt. An individual 1 / 2 raise your voice, 50 percent complain, Shag Me personally, ones voice uncomfortable having need so we both start off fucking a person harder and harder when you shout your euphoria for any individual to hear. Neither folks usually takes point about this and we all sperm with each other, your own cunt quivering, in addition to your cocks moving our warm cum inside anyone. We all bad times straight down struggling to transfer, not caring which sperm is actually dribbling a basketball beyond you and onto the asleep carrier.

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