Wet shirt

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If you where in the XIX Century probably a wet shirt means literally the mean of adjective “wet”: moistened, covered, or soaked with water in conjunction with the noun “shirt”: an undergarment of cotton, or other material, for the upper part of the body. I don’t think the men in this century can be excited by a wet shirt. But actually the when we hear about wet shirt we always tend to think in beautiful and young girls with her T-shirt soaked and her nipples seen-through the shirts.

wet shirt

wet shirt

Perhaps if you tell to Edgar Allan Poe: come on man go to see some wet shirt, we can enjoy and get some excitement… he must think you are mad. Wet shirt? What are you telling about? I think you have to visit the Sigmund Freud doctor… You need a psychoanalysis! Perhaps your sister get wet in strange circumstances… jejeejejje…

Well truth or not the meaning of the words change with the time, as we can see the evolution of the meaning of the wet shirt concept that is most related to the recent (however the measuring of time depends on about what we are talking, in the time of the universe 1000 years is a flash, but for the human beings is a loooooooooot of time) contest where are girls, wet shirts, loud music, beer and alcohol!!

As human beings we need to relax, and as young people we need to do something sexual related, and we need to expand our relationships with other people with the same interest. This is the main objective of my wet T-shirt blog, to grab all the info together all in one place for the wet shirt fans of all over the world. Please don’t hesitate to send me any contest or news, I promise I post onto my blog to reach the maximum number of people interested in.

What can I say? In this century the XX Century, the age of the computers and the mega-information topics and culture expand much quickly than ever, and people find friends all over the world, doesn’t matter if he is black, white or yellow, the important thing if we all have the same interest, the same aim and the same likes. We can found a lot of people interested in things in which you are the only one person of you city or town interested in, but when you open you computer and make a little research on Internet you find people that have the same interest, and you claim “I’m not alone” That’s the new wet T-shirt concept: enjoy, share and relax. Not more the “upper part of the body moistened or soaked with water…”

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