Miss Camiseta Mojada at Imperia Drink 1 of 3

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Here’s another wet-shirt contest taking place in a nightclub, seems it must be Imperia Drink. There’s a performer on stage singing, but then the camera zooms in behind him and we see a row of hotties getting ready for the time to shine. Check out the two girls in the middle. One’s swiveling her hips like she needs something to ride and the other’s pushing her boobs together, getting ready for the show.
The video seriously lags as the guy passes crap out to the crowd, but you can see the girls up on the second level of the stage, taking their places.
When the spotlight shines on the girls, you can see them dancing and swaying their hips. They’re all wearing bikini bottoms and tight white cut-off t-shirts. The video isn’t close enough to see much detail, but just seeing those girls swaying like that is enough to make you appreciate it.
Also, the girls are holding big balls…That’s about all I’m going to say about that.
The first contestant to come down to the runway, and thus closer to the camera, is a cute little blonde girl with long hair. Just check out that tight ass when she turns around right in front of the camera. It just makes you want to reach up and smack it or rub it or something.
She says her name is Ingrid and I’m sure you’ll agree that Ingrid is incredible. Just wait until she steps under the hose. That wet t-shirt clings to her tits, revealing a perfect outline of her beautiful boobs. Again, we wish for more focus from the camera, but you can see the outline of Ingrid’s nipples sticking through the shirt pretty well a couple of times.

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