Wet T-Shirt Video of Trish Stratus

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Well, must to say a wet t-shirt video is better thant a thousands of words. Don’t?

Here comes a video of the most famous woman wrestler, she is Trish Stratus, if you don’t like this you must be mad.

Who is Trish Stratus?

Trish Stratus (her real name is Patricia Anne Stratigias) is from Richmond Hill (Ontario, Canada), she was born on December 18, 1975. She like the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) as an infant, and grows up loving the wrestling, now the WWF is known as World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), his favourite hero was Hulk Hogan, one of the most famous wrestle of all times on television. She studied at the York University in Toronto and she get majored in biology and kinesiology.

I’m geting ill, please Patricia cure me!! … jeeejej… look his wet t-shirt video to know why..

She try to work a this University but the staff go on a strike so Patricia has to change of job. She start to work at a gym and her friends suggested she to work as a fitness model, she began using his new name Trish Stratus for her new career.

After her skyrocket career as a model, Stratus decide to began at WWF with the help of Vince McMahon, time before she gets crowned six times as the WWE’s Women’s Champion. She loves it!

Stratus became a vital player within the WWE’s continuing entertaining story. Less than the usual year following her debut in the market, she discovered herself ended up in the actual deep piece of infighting between your WWE’s founding McMahon loved ones. When the actual smoke removed, the six-time ladies champion discovered herself at the middle of the fans’ interest, and in spite of injuries previous and present which have kept her from the game, Stratus retains at this.

In add-on to this, Stratus may be named WWE Babe from the Year 3 times. She can also be steadfast to keep to the vow that she’ll never present for Playboy, as additional women associated with the WWE did previously. She is really a fitness as well as nutrition recommend, and the woman’s official website has diet plan and physical exercise tips in addition to some of her very own recipes. She additionally enjoys utilizing her WWE Celebrity status to assist give to the neighborhood through the woman’s charity use Easter Closes, The Unique Olympics, The Ronald McDonald House along with other child-aimed non profit organizations.

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